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Repossession generally refers to the process through which a financial institution takes back what is used as collateral or leased or rented in a transaction. This is a self-help action whereby the party with the right of ownership to the property can take back the property from a party in possession of the property without involving the court proceedings.

At Westminster, repossession is one of core services. From vehicles to real estate property, we work with our clients to ensure they recover back their monies.

By using our services, we assure you of our ability to work efficiently and effectively, by employing our extensive experience and wealth of knowledge in this field.
While working within the law, when you choose to work with us at Westminster, we will guarantee you of reduced cost overruns, upside-down recoveries, wrongful repossessions, improper transport and storage are risk realities in the world of asset recovery.

When you want the job done right the first time, there is simply no substitute for extensive repossession experience. When you choose Westminster repossession services to recover your assets, you can rest assured that experience will be on your side.