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Have you suffered loss due to huge outstanding debts after your clients failed to honor their financial obligations and have gone underground?
Let us work with you to recover your monies. Our investigations services are exceptional and with the expertise of our team which is backed by many successful years of experience in law enforcement, we can guarantee 100% success rate.

At Westminster, we believe that the success of an investigations team; whether private or governmental, hinges on the operative structure and the resources invested in it.

The operative structure must be highly technical from within yet simple when observed from the surface. This is an important principle in the practice of intelligence. In terms of the resources, the team should live by highly talented officers, intelligent and equipped.

Westminster prides itself to have the capability to deliver top notch investigative services. With a strong foundation in high ethical standards in our team members and extensive experience in debt recovery, our company has a track record of saving our clients huge sums of monies that they would have otherwise lost.

We will not only save you money but also the man hours used to try and trace, or beat down doors of indebted clients. Work with us and let us do what we are best at.