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Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Jun , 23
Debt Collection

Collecting debts is an intricate, challenging and stressful task for most business owners. Choosing to collect your debts without enlisting professional help and advice is not only ineffective but also frustrating.

At Westminster, we work under a strict code of conduct and within the mandate of the law under which we are authorised to render our services.
We pride ourselves as the best and most professional debt collection agency in Kenya. As our client, you will be able to remain focused on the day-to-day business activities and duties, fully aware that debt recovery experts are in pursuit of your account.

As professional debt recovery agency, we have the expertise and experience to handle the common debt avoidance tactics, get through the disputes and collect the long outstanding money for you. Besides, we will represent your business in a professional way to avoid any stress, liability, plus loss of money or time.

We will dedicate our time and resources focusing on getting back your pending debts. You already did the job of providing the service or product and we as your debt collection agency will focus on recovering the debt on your behalf.
Our debt collection team is well trained and given their wealth of experience in this field, they have ability to tailor make solutions depending on your needs as our clients. We understand that each company/business has different needs and we have the capacity to offer debt collection solutions unique to your needs.