Welcome to Westminster Commercial Traders Website

Westminster is reputed as an exceptional leader in the auction industry. This we have achieved through our proficiency in carrying our mandate with professionalism and topped by our ability to deliver results both to our clients and our customers. This is inline with our company’s intonation and determination to offer the most competitive and efficient services all round, with the intention of persistently being first amongst equals.

We are acknowledged for our expertise in realizing charged securities by banks and financial institutions countrywide, repossessing and selling motor vehicles and equipment acquired under any lawful contracts throughout the country. We also sell boarded goods on behalf of our corporate clients with worthy yields.

In addition to these services, we are also of good repute in execution of court warrants and levy distress, carrying out investigations to trace debtors with the intention of debt recovery on behalf of our clients. All our services are executed within the confines of the law under which we are subject to. Westminster Commercial Traders Limited is a service business firm licensed to undertake business of auctioneering under the Auctioneer’s Act Laws of Kenya.